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Neuropsychology and Medico-Legal

North Carolina Neuropsychiatry has extensive experience providing Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), medicolegal neuropsychological assessments, and record reviews for children and adults. The staff at NCN includes board certified specialists who have extensive experience with Workers’ Compensation and clinical presentations in the context of legal proceedings. Our evaluations are used to assess for neuropsychological, psychiatric, effort, and related issues that have a bearing on the referral question(s). Our staff has experience working with a variety of clinical presentations (e.g., traumatic brain injury, toxic exposure, etc.). We often address questions regarding differential diagnosis, accuracy of symptom reporting, and extent of impairment at the request of plaintiff and defense attorneys. Our goal is to provide high-quality forensic evaluations which address the needs of the referral source in a balanced and accurate manner. Experts are available for evaluations within and outside the state of North Carolina.

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