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Publications and Research



  • ADD Diagnosis. Download PDF
  • ADHD: Is Objective Diagnosis Possible? Download PDF
  • A Practical Approach to Objective ADHD Diagnosis and Management. Download PDF
  • Cognitive Performance in Bipolar and Unipolar Depression. Download PDF
  • Age-Related Cognitive Decline in Patients with Mood Disorders. Download PDF
  • The Frequency of Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorder: An Unaccounted Source of Variance in Clinical Trials. Download PDF
  • Cardiovascular Biomarkers and Carotid IMT Scores as Predictors of Cognitive Function. Download PDF
  • Efficient Allocation of Attentional Resources in Patients with ADHD: Maturational Changes from Age 10 to 29. Download PDF
  • Gender Differences in Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Are Attenuated By Education and Cognitive Ability. Download PDF


  • Differentiating Between MCI and Early Dementia with a New Computerized Neurocognitive Screening Battery. Download PDF
  • Computerized Neurocognitive Test Batteries for Dementia Screening. Download PDF
  • Dementia Screening in Light of the Diversity of the Condition. Download PDF
  • Dementia Screening Using Computerized Tests. Download PDF
  • Neurocognitive Testing Supports a Broader Concept of Mild Cognitive Impairment. Download PDF
  • Comparative Neurocognitive Effects of Five Psychotropic Anticonvulsants and Lithium. Download PDF
  • The Overt Characteristics of a "Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Event". Download PDF
  • Assessment of Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A New Protocol Designed to Determine Work Capability - Chronic Pain Abilities Determination (CPAD). Download PDF
  • Autism and Schizophrenia Are Disorders of Evolvability. Download PDF


  • Medications Do Not Necessarily Normalize Cognition in ADHD Patients. Download PDF
  • Antidepressant Side Effects in Children and Adolescents. Download PDF
  • The Comparative Neurocognitive Effects of Six Antidepressants. Download PDF
  • Cognitive Enhancers and Neuroprotectants. Download PDF
  • Neurocognition in Depression: Patients On and Off Medication, Compared to Normal Controls. Download PDF
  • Bupropion Normalizes Cognitive Performance in Patients With Depression. Download PDF


Computerized Neurocognitive Testing

  • A Computerized Neurocognitive Test to Detect Malingering. Download PDF
  • Structure and Meaning of a Computerized Neurocognitive Test Battery. Download PDF
  • Reliability and Validity of a New Computerized Cognitive Screening Battery. Download PDF
  • Drug Sensitivity of a Computerized Neurocognitive Test Battery. Download PDF
  • A Computerized Cognitive Screening Battery For Psychiatrists. Download PDF
  • Psychometric and Clinical Properties of a New, Computerized Neurocognitive Screening Battery. Download PDF
  • Reliability and Validity of a Computerized Neurocognitive Test Battery, CNS Vital Signs. Download PDF
  • Computerized Neurocognitive Testing and its Potential for Modern Psychiatry. Download PDF
  • Gender Differences in Cognitive Ability From Age 40 to 79. Download PDF
  • Heritability in Cognitive Performance: Evidence Using Computer-Based Testing. Download PDF
  • Husband-Wife Correlations in Neurocognitive Test Performance. Download PDF
  • Symptom Report, Diagnosis and Neurocognitive Performance. Download PDF
  • A Computerized Neurocognitive Test Battery to Detect Malingering: A Study of True and Directed Malingerers. Download PDF

Neuropsych Questionnaire

  • An Internet-Based Symptom Questionnaire That Is Reliable, Valid, and Available to Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Psychologists. Download PDF
  • Factor Structure of an Internet-Based Symptom Checklist and Correlation with Conventional Rating Scales. Download PDF
  • Symptom Report and Diagnostic Properties of the Neuropsych Questionnaire. Download PDF

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