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Referring Physicians and Other Health Care Organizations

North Carolina Neuropsychiatry is currently accepting New Patients. Although we do not participate in every insurance program, we will work with all of our referring physicians, other health care providers, and with prospective patients to accommodate their special needs. We can do so quickly in the case of an emergency referrals.

Referral Coordinators and Medical Staff

Please contact one of our referral coordinators to schedule an appointment at one of our three triangle locations. We also have a clinic in Charlotte. The referral coordinators will make sure that you are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

New Patient Referral Form
Medicare/Medicaid Referral Form

We have a staff of well-trained and qualified Psychological Technicians who ensure that clinic operations run smoothly. The psych techs obtain patient vitals, administer and help patients with self-administered paper and pencil rating scales, computerized testing, memory, aptitude, and achievement testing. They are also trained to gather medical and social data during new patient evaluations. We also have a prescription/provider voicemail line that allows the psych techs to intercept patient calls and concerns, gather information, and relay information to providers. Thus, we can respond to patient concerns more quickly. The psych techs are a liaison between patients and providers; they keep providers on schedule and updated on patient progress throughout their clinic visits, during new patient evaluations and follow-up appointments.

Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluations at NCN are comprehensive and include a neurological examination, a mental status examination, psychological tests and cognitive testing. The evaluations are different for patients with different complaints or conditions; a simple evaluation may take two hours, a more complex evaluation, six hours. Highly specialized evaluations are done by a psychologist and neuropsychologists on staff at NCN.

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