Psychological Testing

Objective Psychological Testing in Chapel Hill, NC

A person may seek out psychological testing, or be referred for testing by their physician or other provider, as a way to clarify a diagnosis related to learning, attention or mood. Psychological testing includes nationally standardized measures and questionnaires to help understand how a person is functioning, and what this might mean for their present and future functioning. Intelligence, or IQ, testing can reveal an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This is essential when someone is suspected to have a learning disability, a developmental disability, or giftedness.
Doctor consulting patient

Skilled Diagnostic Specialists

At NC Neuropsychiatry, we have psychologists and neuropsychologists available to provide services for anyone age 4 or older. Tests are used to identify areas of potential problems as well as adaptive skills and strengths. We have extensive experience in psychoeducational assessment when children are having academic difficulties. Testing can provide information about whether a child may qualify for extra support in school, and what types of interventions may be helpful. If insurance does not cover this service, we offer a competitively priced fee-for-service option, which includes a tailored approach to investigating potential problems. Testing usually takes place in one day, and results and recommendations are provided in the context of the presenting concerns.
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